Posted August 10th, 2010 by urecycle

Tradeyourgames is a new and unique site that allows you to sell games, Blu-Rays and games consoles in return for a cash payment. They also allow users to trade in their unwanted games in return for credit on purchases of games from their site.

However many people are wondering why they should use this site to recycle their old games when they think they can get higher prices for selling on popular auction sites like Ebay and Amazon. The main reasons why this site should be used is listed below:

  1. Tradeyourgames is much easier too use. When using auction sites first you must create a listing which takes time to do and then you must take a picture to go with the listing. Once your listing has been uploaded you will find that more often than not you are competing against many other people who are all selling the same game. By using Tradeyourgames all that you need to do is type in the barcode number and you are quoted a price, it really is that easy.
  2. There are no fees to be taken off at trade in sites. When selling on auction sites many people forget about the fees that they have to pay. If you are selling a game on Ebay you will have to pay the listing fee of 10p +, nearly 10% of the sale price, the Paypal fees to receive your money of 20p – 5% and the cost of postage and packaging. When selling your old video games at Trade your games there are no fees, no waiting for buyers to send payment, no uncertainty about the price you will get and if you are selling multiple games you only need to pay postage once.
  3. On eBay you may have to deal with unhappy buyers or people who want to return the item you sold for a refund, this will never happen on game trade in websites.
  4. After you sell a game for credit you can browse the site to find a preowned game at highly competitive prices.
  5. The odd scratch caused by wear and tear will be acceptable on trade in websites, it’s unlikely that auction buyers would feel the same.
  6. On Amazon marketplace you may be waiting months before your item sells, this similar with eBay as your item may not sell at all.

Considering the reasons, the trade in websites offer a hassle free, easy and cost effective way of selling your old console games at better prices than many auction sites or on the high street.

Sell your old console games at Tradeyourgames here

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