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March 1st, 2012

Popular Macclesfield based CD, DVD and console game recycling website, Music Magpie has recently announced that they enjoyed their busiest day ever in January this year as people got rid of any unwanted Christmas presents to earn some extra cash.

Music Magpie say that on one day in January they bought an amazing 602,417 unwanted CDs, DVDs and games off people in the UK. This amount was a huge six times more than their normal daily amount. The most common items that were sold on the day included Guns N Roses Greatest Hits, Lord of the Rings box sets and Nirvana Albums.

The company said that people wasted no time at Christmas selling their unwanted gifts as nearly a million items were traded in on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Some of the most popular items that were sold for cash on these days included U2’s album and Dirty Dancing DVDs.