Posted August 3rd, 2012 by Stephen Roper

Recycling is good for the environment and our planet. Everyone knows that we can recycle household waste, mobile phones, electronics and paper. However you probably didn’t know that there are also many other strange and wonderful items that can be recycled to put a little extra money in your pocket, here is a list of the weirdest.

Wine Bottle Corks

Every year 13 billion wine corks make their way to landfill sites around the world, this is a complete waste as cork is a heavily used resource as well as being renewable, sustainable and 100% natural. Rather than putting your wine corks in the bin why not collect them up and sell them on eBay. There are many designers, craft makers and other businesses that will buy odd things like this on eBay, you won’t make much but a box of several hundred might make you enough to buy yourself a bottle of wine.

Human Hair

Selling your hair may seem like a strange thing to ‘recycle’ but it is actually a perfectly legal and legitimate form of trade. If you really need some extra money and have fast growing hair then there’s no reason why you can’t cut it off and sell it online for a very healthy $100 – $1000. In order to sell your hair it must be unbleached and natural also being a non-smoker will probably help. One website that will help you sell your hair is, you could even put it on eBay.


Most people know that unwanted or broken jewellery can be sold for cash but was you aware that you can even sell gold teeth, coins, tableware and ornaments if you have any of these knocking about. (Not advisable to pull your teeth out just for the money) There are many gold selling websites online but the one that really stands out is Post Gold for Cash. According to an independent research company, Post Gold for Cash pays more better than their competing sites.

Food Packaging

Rather than putting your empty food packaging in the bin why not check it first to see if it has any kind of loyalty scheme on it. People on eBay and other auction sites will pay cash for your old food wrappers in order to get gifts and other merchandise from the rewards programs. If you don’t want to take part in the loyalty program yourself then save up all the labels, barcodes, bottle tops, ring pulls or whatever else and sell them on to someone that is collecting them.


Now you can even sell your rubbish at the world’s fastest growing green company, TerraCycle. They already have over 20 million people from all around the world collecting and sending in their waste, which is being recycled and made into a wide variety of products and materials. Any money you accumulate by sending in your waste can be either donated to charity or used to feed and clothe people in third world countries.

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