Posted December 8th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

A brand new site has recently been launched called Trade Your Games which allows users to sell their unwanted console games, consoles and Blu-Rays for cash payments. Although this has been done before on other sites including Music Magpie, the thing that makes Trade Your Games unique is that it is the only place in the UK where users can sell games for credit to buy games off the same website just like the model that is used on the high street.

The TradeYourGames website was created as it was found that there was very few other websites that made the process of buying and selling console games easy and user friendly. As well as making the process of selling video games much simpler, the prices they pay for your old games are as much as 40% higher than on the high street.

We’ve also had a look through the prices that they sell consoles and video games for and found that they are not only lower than many shops on the high street but also lower than many other big gaming websites. In order to offer even more competitive prices all games and consoles are sent out via a free delivery service.

Currently you can sell or trade in games from many consoles including the Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii. TradeYourGames also have a huge range of pre-owned, new video games and console systems that you can buy or part exchange. In the near future they are also planning to have a section where you can trade in your unwanted Blu-Ray movies for cash or credit, at this point in time you can only buy Blu-Rays from them.  According to their website they will also be looking at other items that you can trade in, in the future, any updates will be posted on their blog.

If you want to sell your old games for cash payments then once your old video games have been received and checked over the money will be added to your account. To get the cash rather than credit you can request that it is sent directly to your bank account, Paypal or via cheque.

They have also recently launched a pretty cool referral scheme where you enter your friend’s e-mail address and then get 5% of the order value in cash once their old games have been received. In order to help encourage them your friend will also get an extra 5% on their order.

Whether you are looking to sell console and handheld video games to earn some extra money or sell and buy different games at the same time then Trade Your Games is definitely a great site to use.

Sell or Part Exchange your Unwanted Games, Consoles and Blue-Rays at TradeYourGames here

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  1. jack Says:

    playstation three 120gb?

  2. Wellzie Drummonds Says:

    i want to sell my xbox 360 elite

  3. tanya Says:

    sellin my nintendo ds lite with r4 card 62 games
    70 pound mail me

  4. rahees Says:

    i am selling my psp 3000 vibrant blue 4 game for £150

  5. Gordon Says:

    Definitely recommend selling to the tradeyourgames site – i sold a whole load of ps3 games gathering dust and didnt get shafted on the trade-in price – would have got more selling on ebay or amazon but this was an easier way of doing it – highly recommended way to get cash for games is to simply trade them in at

  6. andy Says:

    selling psp with 12 games good condition £60 mail at…

  7. del Says:

    lots opf sega games including consol

  8. amy long Says:

    i am selling nitendo wii, built in motionplus remote an numchuk . plus wii sports and wii sports resort. £110.00 ???

  9. Kushtrim Says:

    Selling Xbox 360 Games
    if interested email me

  10. Amy S Says:

    Selling boxed nintendo wii (black) in Nottingham.
    Email for details –

  11. sarah Says:

    selling my xbox 360 4gb slimline with kinect used few times in sunderland
    email for details

  12. Allan Says:

    Selling my 60GB ps3 works perfectly , backwards compatiable plays ps1,ps2 and ps3, ok condition, doesnt come boxed and comes without a control . reason for selling i have slimline one now. but still a very desirable version of PS3 arguably the best of all the big PS3’s and even a contender with the slimlines as its has card readers and the ability to play previous playstation games which the slim does not.

    Price wanted

    £120-150 or reasonable offer will be considered

    ring me 07769194181 8am-10pm
    or email anytime

  13. shane morling Says:

    lots of xbox 360 games for sale, very cheap, good condition and origianal xbox games too.

    let me know if interrested

  14. elliot leicester Says:

    i wont to sell my xbox 360 60g with all the leads 8 games controller

    inbox if u wont to buy it £100

  15. Seb. Says:

    Want to sell an Xbox 360 arcade, all leads and 1 controller.

    Would like to know your opinion on how much?

    Many thanks.

  16. Seb. Says:

    Contact at –

  17. Christina Says:

    Selling Wii White Console.


  18. Nilgun Says:

    sony plastion for £70 plus memory stik plus 30 games whith controler and games plus old xbox.

  19. Keano Says:

    Selling ps2 with 2 controllers memory card and 20 plus games 80 quid.
    Email me at

  20. Abibrown Says:

    Selling Ps2 with 4 games 50 and Nintendo Ds lite black with Brain training game 50 Also Sims 2 PC Games with 2 Expansion packs Season and pets 20,email me at Middlesbrough

  21. nintendo ds lite age range Says:

    Thk for nintendo ds lite age range

  22. nintendo ds lite for sale cheap Says:

    Thk for nintendo ds lite for sale cheap

  23. tom webster Says:

    Selling Sony PSP GO 16gb 15 games, 6 movies good condition £130

  24. tom webster Says:

    Selling Sony PSP GO 16gb 15 games, 6 movies good condition £130.

  25. Daragh Balogun Says:

    DSi red fro 3ds

  26. Daragh Balogun Says:

    DSI red for 149.99

  27. Raffy Says:

    If Anyone Is Selling Any Old Consoles Email Me Please

  28. Lia Abide Says:

    There is plenty of negative response to the OLPC project, particularly focused on the politics around the distribution and use of the computers. So, it was so refreshing to meet the OLPCs through Mary Lou Jepson’s hand in its creation, and to understand the innovation and advanced technologies that have gone into making them. Aside from the evident advancements that went into the development of the screen, such as the ability to be used in direct sunlight and to have the graphic quality of that of a laser printed document—neither quality is particularly standard on commercial laptops, OLPC’s greatest success from a technological standpoint is its modular quality. What I mean by this is usually successful computer design is associated with sleek exteriors and a discouragement of opening the laptop up yourself to reconfigure the hardware (there is a “genius bar” to fix computers for you, or you are enticed to buy the newer, thinner model). The fact that OLPCs were designed to be modular in that they could easily be taken apart and hardware updated or fixed creates an all together different, and maybe more successful attitude surrounding the technology within the laptop. The report about the girls who started the OLPC laptop hospital to perform these minor hardware adjustments is an instance of how attitudes around computer technology should be, even if not everyone is able to manipulated the physical aspects of the laptop, it is still understood that a “non-genius” will be able to do so, like the girls of the hospital. The technological advancements made in OLPCs are sure to find their ways into commercially sold laptops, but what might be more important to the current generation of computer users would be a return and refocus on the malleability of the hardware and the personal hand within the use of technology. Not to mention that it is in fact more environmentally sound to alter and update a laptop piece by piece as it is needed, than to scrap an entire computer in favor of a newer model.

  29. urecycle Says:

    Thanks for your comment Lia Abide. The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) idea does indeed mean that to upgrade or repair a laptop you could just take it into a ‘laptop hospital’ and have a small part inside replaced. This instead of fully disposing of a broken laptop having to break it down into its components and materials, some of which are not recyclable.

    OLPCs are cheaper to fix and upgrade, and as Earth’s resources become more precious, these advances in modular laptops will hopefully find their ways into normal laptop systems.

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