Posted February 4th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

Selling cash for gold at Post Gold for Cash could help the huge amount of people who have used credit cards to pay living expenses through January to reduce their debt.

According to recent research by the Post Office, January was a real financial challenge for millions of householders in Britain this year. The research discovered that 10% of people who used their credit card in January did so simply to get them through the month. It was also found that 56% of people who used their credit card in January plan to pay off their balance at the end of the month in order to avoid interest charges.

Head of credit cards at the Post Office, Az Alibhai said “ Using credit cards to fund everyday spending does not make good financial sense. However, most people only turn to their credit cards as a last resort.”

With gold prices at an all time high many people could help reduce or even pay off their credit card debts by recycling gold and other jewellery online for cash. By requesting a free gold selling pack and then searching the house lots of people may find they have something of value.

Many people would assume that gold recycling site Post Gold for Cash would only popular gold jewellery such as rings, necklaces, chains or pendants. However they will also pay cash for many other items and treasures such as the following gold:

  • Antique watches – Any old antique watches will be bought at a great price.
  • Collectables – Any antique or other collectables made of gold or other precious metals can be sold for cash
  • Teeth – If you are having your gold teeth taken out or crowns replaced then get them off your dentist and send them in for cash.
  • Broken or snapped jewellery – However broken you think your jewellery is, even if it is snapped into little pieces it can still be sent in for cash payments.
  • Cigarette lighters and cases – If you can dig any of these out and they are made of gold then send them in for some great prices.

Post Gold for Cash will also buy any unwanted diamonds or other precious gemstones.

With gold prices at an all time high now is a great time to dig out your old, broken or unwanted jewellery or other gold items and send them in for some of the highest cash payments.

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