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Every year in the UK alone we generate just under 435 million tonnes of waste, of this amount only 18% is being recycled, this is one of the worst rates in Europe. Recycling waste is a great way not only to help save energy but also to make a big difference to the environment.

Some of the most interesting recycling facts and figures are shown below to help you understand why recycling is so important:

– Every year 17.5 million plastic bags are used that works out at 300 per person

– 3 million tonnes of plastic waste are generated in the UK every year, of this amount 7% is recycled, the other 93% is either incinerated or ends up on a landfill

– Food waste amounts for 21% of total waste

– Food waste that ends up at landfill sites produces methane gases that are 25 times worse than CO2

– Every year 12 billion aluminum cans are thrown in the bin

– Over 60% of the rubbish that is thrown away can be recycled

– Before the introduction of the car scrapage system in the UK very few cars or car parts were being recycled. Thanks to the introduction of the system this is starting to change

– Glass which is thrown in the bin and ends up on landfills will last thousands of years before decomposing. In the middle east there have been finds of glass made over 3000 years ago

– One tonne of newspaper takes 24 trees to produce

– Recycling one glass bottle can save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes

– Recycling one tin can would generate the equivalent amount of energy as having the TV on for 3 hours

– Up to 60% of the rubbish that is put in the bin could actually be recycled

– Its estimated that there are just under 100 million unused mobile phones in the UK. Recycle your mobile today

– Every minute 100 acres of rainforest’s are being cut down, it takes around 500,000 trees to produce the Sunday newspapers

– Around 1.5 million tonnes of clothing ends up in Britain’s landfill sites every year

– In an average persons lifetime they will go through 3.3 tonnes of electrical waste

– 9 out of 10 people said they will recycle more often if it was easier to do

– 40% of all mobile phones that are sold or upgraded in the UK are still not being recycled correctly

There is so many things that we all could and should be doing to help the environment and help reduce the figures above.

Recycle your old mobiles, iPods, Games, CDs and DVDs for cash and help save our environment today!

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