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Earn up to £250 in Cash for Selling Your Old Sat Nav

As technology has improved over the last few years its now possible to get Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) systems on your mobile phone which means it can be unnecessary to have a big chunky Sat Nav on the dashboard in your car. In exactly the same way that mobiles are replacing digital cameras they are doing the same to Sat Navs.

Even if you don’t have a mobile with a GPS system built in you may have recently purchased the latest Sat Nav that can do loads more than just talk you through your journey. There are some Sat Navs available that can warn you about Speed Cameras, have different character voices built in, come loaded with maps of Europe, act as a hands free kit or even an MP3 player.

If you have purchased a new one or are using your mobile to get directions rather than throwing your old Sat Nav in the bin and cause further damage to the environment some mobile recycling sites will now accept Sat Navs in return for cash or similar payments.


Money4urMobileMoney4urMobile is one of the oldest and most trusted recycling websites owned by UK based Redeem. They will pay you cash for SAT NAVs and many other electronic gadgets.

Money4urMobile will currently buy a selection of SAT NAVs from different manufacturers including Becker, Garmin, Navigon, Tom Tom or Navman. It’s always best to check their site as new manufacturers and models are added on a regular basis.

Payment is sent in one of two methods either BACS (bank transfer) or cheque on the same day they receive your goods. They currently offer a freepost address for all items. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee where you will definitely get the price you are originally quoted otherwise you will receive your device back for free.

Update: As of the 13th July 2017 there are no longer any major recycling sites that we know of that will buy Sat Navs. The only option to get some quick cash is to sell your old camera on one of the big Auction sites such as eBay.

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  1. Antony French Says:

    We are looking at recycling 150+ Tom Tom Sat Navs mostly being Ones & IQ’s for revenue.
    most are faulty to some degree as these were units returned to us from Our engineers within EDF Energy.
    Is this something you can help us with?
    We also have 30+ digital cameras with the same problem.
    Both units could be used for spares and repairs.
    Many thanks
    Antony French

  2. urecycle Says:

    Money4urMobile should be able to buy those Sat Navs from you

  3. psethi Says:

    How much for a nuvi 1300?

  4. S Says:

    How much for a F&H 35LS

  5. Mrs Pincho Says:

    I have a navman satnav how much will you pay

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