Posted September 30th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

The switchover to digital TV is starting to happen in some parts of the country this year and next year which may leave some people with an unwanted TV set in their homes. Most household recycling centres or local council tips around the UK will take your old TV set off you and its encouraging to know that almost 100% of the parts inside a TV can be recycled.

Most household recycling centres in the UK are prepared to receive more old TVs than normal at the time of the switch over in their area. North Devon’s Household Recycling Centres saw a 30% increase in the amount of TVs being recycled when the analogue signals were switch off in the area.

The worst thing anyone could do is to put an old TV set in the bin as there is some have heavy shielding around the CRT which protects you from radiation when watching it.

The switchover will not take place in London till April 2012 and the body in charge or switching the UK to digital are urging Londoners not to needlessly replace their old TV set.

Many people are not aware that they will not have to change their TV set for a new one as options are still available to reuse the old one. These options include getting a digital set top box (Freeview) or by subscribing with satellite or cable TV. Ideally if an old TV set can be reused that would be much better than recycling the old one. Even black and white TV sets can be adapted for digital with a low cost box. To get a Freeview box should only cost around £20 and a cable or Sky subscription for the very basic channels can be bought for as little as £10 / month.

As well as recycling your old TV you could consider re-using it by selling it on eBay or giving it away to someone who can make use of it on a site like Freecycle. By using both these sites you can guarantee that your old TV will end up being used by someone who will appreciate it. Alternatively you could even give your unwanted TV to your friends or family. If you wanted a little cash for it you could even try advertising it for sale in  your local newspaper or newsagent window.

The following are the dates when the switchover to digital will start happening in your TV region:

STV North – Complete
STV Central – Complete
Border – Complete
Tyne Tees – Starting 12th September 2012
Granada – Complete
Yorkshire – Complete
Central – Complete
Anglia – Complete
Wales – Complete
West – Complete
West Country – Complete
Meridian – Starting 8th February 2012
London – Starting 4th April 2012
Northern Ireland –  Starting 10th October 2012
Channel Islands – Complete



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  1. Manilal Says:

    5 years old 32″ sony tv to recycle

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    lcd tv 37 inches broken screen

  3. colleen wilson Says:

    i have three tv’s and a computer i would like to sell. I don’t just want to through it on a skip. Please contact me if you are interested.

  4. vicki Says:

    hi i have an broken old 42inch flat screen tv and would like to know where i can recycle for cash??

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