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One of the most popular music devices of the last 15 years is the Apple iPod. The iPod provides you with thousands of songs or videos on a device that is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The Waste Problem with iPods

To date Apple have sold just over 350 million iPods worldwide which has created a massive e-waste problem. Apple have designed their iPods to be only be replaceable with another iPod or iPhone, which is great for Apple but not for the environment. Also the lithium batteries in an iPod can lose more than half their capacity after just a year of use, rather than buying a new battery many users simply purchase the latest iPod, the old iPod then gets thrown in the bin where it ends up on a landfill site where it will not break down and may pollute surrounding soil and waterways, damaging plant and wildlife.

This tiny electronic device that can provide you with thousands of songs and videos at the touch of a button will literally spend thousands of years on a rubbish tip.

Recycle Your Old iPod, Help Save the Environment and Earn Extra Cash

Recycling iPodsThe great news is that there are now recycling companies where you can send your old working or non-working iPod(s) to be re-used or disposed of correctly, this will stop so many rotting away for many years on on rubbish tips and also help you to get some extra money in your pocket.

How Does it Work?

1. There are now only a select few recycling sites where you can trade in your old, unwanted or broken iPod for cash payments. To find out the various prices for each iPod model visit one of the following websites:

2. Select the iPod you want to sell from either the drop down box on each site or from the picture and add it to your basket. If you would like to add another simply repeat the process.

3. Register your details, accept any terms and conditions and follow through the checkout to submit your order. On the confirmation screen you will be provided with a freepost address which will also be confirmed via email.

4. Once your old iPod has been received it will be quickly checked over then you will be sent payment via whatever method you chose during registration. Payment options on each recycling site range from either cheque, bank transfer, or for a slightly higher value various shopping vouchers.

Can I Sell Non-Working / Damaged iPods?

Yes, to sell damaged or non working iPods simply follow the standard procedure. Once your old iPod has been received you will be contacted to be offered a revised price.

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  1. tasha Says:

    Hello an iPod touch 4th generation has gone missing from our house. Would you be able to look out for one with the serial numberCCQJGGVKF96Tas we fear it may have been stolen and they want to sell it on. If you come across it contact the police in Newport Gwent. Thank you tasha

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