Sell Games, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays for Cash or Trade-in

As more people make the switch to digital music players thousands of CDs are being thrown in the bin. In the UK alone just under 3000 tonnes of CDs are thrown away every year but still 130 million are being sold. The old CDs are simply ending up in landfills where they will rot away for many years to come. Its the same situation for DVDs, computer and console discs, whilst lots are being sold an even bigger number are being disposed of.

Recycle Video Games and Consoles, CDs, DVDs and Much More

Music Magpie is the only site in the UK where you can turn your unwanted games, CDs and DVDs into cash. Since the site opened they have paid out millions of pounds to their members. Since October this year they will now buy other tech and electronic devices including games consoles for good prices. They offer highly competitive prices on all games consoles and will accept any condition including good, poor or faulty. Payments are fast and sent by a variety of different methods including cheque, bank transfer or M&S electronic vouchers. Any items that you send in can all go in the same box.

How it Works

  1. Visit Music Magpie, in the centre of the page you will see a box which asks for the barcode off your CD, DVD or game. The barcode can usually be found in the centre or towards the bottom right on the back of your CD, DVD, PC or console game. You may find a sticker over the original barcode, if this is the case simply remove the sticker. You need to enter all the number / letters into the box to receive your quote.
  2. Next press the ‘Get Value’ button, the following page will give you the price that they will pay to buy your CD, game or DVD off you. If you are happy with the quote you can complete the trade or you may repeat the above process to sell more. Please note that you must sell a minimum of 10 games, CDs or DVDs to continue, this is up to a maximum of 500 in one trade.
  3. To complete the trade you must register with the site and input the required details. After this you will be sent a freepost envelope in which to return your media in.
  4. Once the CDs, DVDs or games have been received they will be re-used or recycled and you will be sent a cheque payment or optionally an M&S e-Voucher within 7 days.

Recycle your used stuff for cash at Music Magpie today


Tradeyourgames is a brand new unique site where you can sell used console games, Blu-Rays and console systems for either cash or too trade in and receive credit for them to buy games or Blu-Rays off their site. This is the only site in the UK that works like on the high street where you are given credit to buy video games for your unwanted ones. They currently offer top prices for hundreds of Xbox, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Gamecube games. They will also buy your used consoles and Blu-Rays.

How it Works

  1. Visit Tradeyourgames and search using the search box on the bottom right or browse the site to find the game you want to sell.
  2. Once you have located the game(s) you want to sell you will see the price they pay underneath, if you are happy with the offer then click the ‘sell now’ button and it will be added to your basket.
  3. The game you want to sell will be added to your basket, if you just want to sell a game simply proceed through the checkout and place your order. You will then be sent instructions via e-mail on where to send your old games too.
  4. Once your unwanted games have been received they will be tested, once they have been tested you will be notified by e-mail and then payment will be added to your Tradeyourgames account. Once the money is in your account you can either use it too buy video games, consoles or Blu-Rays off the site or you can withdraw it either straight to your bank account, to Paypal or it can be sent to you via cheque.
  5. If you want to buy and sell games in the same transaction then the games you are buying will not be dispatched until the console games you are selling have been received.

Sell your old console games, Blu-Rays or consoles at Trade your games here

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