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Recycle Your Digital Camera for the Highest Cash Payments

Many people in the UK own a digital camera but what do you do with the old one when it comes to buying a newer model? Every year in Britain over 1.2 million tonnes of Electronic waste is ending up at landfill sites. E-waste including digital cameras and other products is of major concern all around the world. Once they end up on landfill sites toxins from the components inside can leak out and damage the soil and natural inhabitants, if they are disposed of near a human water supply they could even cause damage to ourselves.

Sell Your Camera for Cash

There are many online recyclers who you can send your old working or non working cameras too. Once they are received they will be reused or disposed of correctly in return for a cash payment. This will both help the environment and also help you get some extra money in your pocket.


Phone Recyclers

The PhoneRecyclers website is owned and operated by SA Corporation Limited who are one of the UK’s leading gadget recyclers. The company is based in Birmingham, UK. Despite the name the Phone Recyclers site will recycle many different electronic devices including mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, games consoles, game discs, computer parts and tablets. They pay up to £400 cash per device via cheque or same day BACS. As of 2016 this is the only website that we know of that will buy unwanted digital cameras.

How it Works

  1. Visit the Phone Recyclers website and search for the device you want to sell using the drop down boxes.
  2. On the following screen you will be offered a price for new, used and non working devices. If you are happy with the price based on the condition of your item then click on the ‘sell now’ button.
  3. Place your order and you will be provided with postage instructions and a postage label.
  4. Pack your device up and take it to the post office where you can send it free of charge. If you are sending 4 or more items you will be provided with a special delivery label.
  5. Once your item has been received it will be checked over and payment sent instantly bank transfer or your cheque will be sent out in the post. Unlike other recyclers who take a long time to send payment, Phone Recyclers believe in fast and smooth transactions.

Benefits of Using Phone Recyclers

  • Only recycler to buy digital cameras in 2016
  • Fast same day BACS payments
  • Option to be sent cheque
  • Option to donate to charity
  • Freepost labels supplied
  • Courier or special delivery provided for high value / more devices
  • Highest prices guaranteed
  • All gadgets responsibly recycled

The website above will recycle digital cameras from the following manufacturers:

– Canon
– Nikon
– Olympus~
– Samsung
– Sony

More are added daily, check the websites for full details.

The only other option to get some quick cash is to sell your old camera on one of the big Auction sites such as eBay.

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