Posted June 21st, 2011 by Stephen Roper

This week (20th June – 26th June) is National Recycle Week (NRW11) in the UK and the main aims are to help increase recycling rates and minimize waste.

This years Recycle Week theme is ‘home and away’ and the organizers are asking people around the country to make a little extra effort and recycle more whether in the home or out and about both this week and in the future.

Not only are the organizers, Recycle Now encouraging people to recycle their waste this week but also they have partnered with Keep Britain Tidy. By visiting the Big Tidy Up you can register to either attend a tidy up event in your local area or to organize one. Many local councils in the UK are expected to be involved in the scheme.

At least 60% of what is dropped on the floor as litter is recyclable and by registering on the Big Tidy Up site you will be sent free rubbish bags and tabards that you can use to collect litter in your local community. Litter can be collected from beaches, by the side of rivers or from anywhere that has become a little messy. If you do collect lots of rubbish at an event and separate all the cans and plastic bottles for recycling they can be picked up and recycled correctly.

Since launching 2 years ago over 90,000 bags of rubbish have been collected from around the UK for the Big Tidy Up.

Big Tidy Up kits can be obtained from their website at any time through the year not just on Recycling Week.

Websites can also download banners, widgets and videos to show their support for Recycle week from the Recycle Now site here.

If you want to do your bit for the environment why not search your home for any small electrical devices and rather than throwing them in the bin recycle them for cash at Boots Recycle or O2 Recycle.

As of 12th December 2011 The Big Tidy Up have collected a massive 107200 bags of rubbish and have recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

Also many household recycling rates in the UK were up both on and after recycling week 2011 so it was seen as a big success. Next years recycle week 2012 which will be between the 18th and the 24th June will again focus on recycling both at home and away. You can find out more details and register your interest or scheme by visiting the Recycle Now website.

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