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O2 Recycle allow consumers to recycle their old electronics for cash payments. This includes mobile phones, old digital cameras and mp3 players or iPods. Their mission is to help reduce the environmental impact that electronic waste can produce by making people take positive actions.

O2 Recycle are one of the first and biggest sites in the UK that allow consumers to recycle old electronics as well as mobiles for cash. The full list of items that you can sell for cash at O2 include mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods, digital cameras, handheld games consoles, SAT NAVs and Tablet Computers. They currently offer up to as much as £260 per item that you want to recycle.

Not only do they recycle unwanted electronic devices which helps to save the environment but they also donate all their profits to their Think Big Charity. The Think Big Charity helps young people living in the UK to turn their lives around through training and support programmes.

There are many advantages to recycling your old goods with O2Recycle these include:

  • High Prices
  • Fast Payments
  • Payment via cheque or BACS
  • Excellent customer service
  • All profits donated to charity
  • Will pay cash not only for old mobile phones and other electronic devices
  • All items re-used or recycled in order to help save the environment
The site will buy devices from both O2 and non O2 customers.
How to Sell Your Unwanted Gadget at O2 Recycling
1) Find the device you want to sell by selecting the type, manufacturer and model from the drop down box.
2) If you are happy with the price you are quoted then add the item to your basket and proceed through the checkout
3) Next delete all data from your handset or device, remove any SIM card and put it in your own envelope.  If you forget and send your SIM or memory card in then they will be destroyed. The address is found in the confirmation e-mail or on the website once you have completed your order. If you are sending high value devices then ensure you use recorded or special delivery. You must also print your order summary and send it in with your unwanted item.
4) Once your items have been received they will be checked over by their quality control department and your money will be processed and sent to you within 5 working days. At this point in time O2 Recycle will pay via either cheque or straight to your bank via BACS.

O2 Recycle has recently announced a new scheme where they will price match Envirofone and Mazuma Mobile on any handset that you recycle with them.

In order to get the price match simply recycle your mobileas normal with O2 Recycle then check the advertised handset prices on Mazuma and Envirofone. If you see the price higher on either site within 7 days then fill in the price match form on their website and they will contact you within 24 hours to pay you the difference.

The price match must be on a fully working handset, will be on the cash price not voucher or other payment methods and you can still claim if you have already sent your order in to be recycled.

This offer will last to the end of September 2011 but if it proves to be successful then O2 are looking to extend the time period. The price match will be paid via whichever method you had the money for the phone you originally recycled.

Not only will you be earning extra cash by recycling your old phones at O2 Recycle but all the profits they make are donated to their Think Big initiative. The Think Big initiative aims to help young people aged 13-25 who are living in local communities. Under the scheme the young people will benefit from a package of help, support, mentoring and a cash grant for any ideas or projects that they may have.

There is still an estimated 90 million unwanted mobile phones lying around people’s homes in the UK waiting to be recycled so why not dig them out and earn some cash at O2 Recycle here.





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  1. Andrew Clarke Says:

    Hi I have a 32″ Samsung LCD TV which has a cracked screen. Would you advise if you recycle these items also what sort of price? I also have A Creative Zen XFi with a cracked screen and a Nokia 6300 with screen damage

  2. assistencia samsung Says:

    good article, i will add my feeds.

  3. David Graff Says:

    TV with VCR and CD player/recorder
    Philips matchline

  4. Marc Hensby Says:

    Hello everyone i have a full intallation Windows 98 second edition pack. It is Brand new and still in packaging. According to my own research i have found out that it is worth £40, I will charge only £20 ono. If intrested email me on

  5. sophie taylor Says:

    I have a Samsung 15 inch TV
    Samsung recordable DVD player
    Logik digital set top box

    – All for £40 (in excellent condition with remotes, paperwork, stand alone aireal)

  6. rafal Says:

    hi guys

    i would like an advice on how to get rid of (untouched electronic stuff) which were gifts from an EX!
    i got new sony erricson p990i, palm pilot, bluetooth device

    thank you

  7. VCR to DVD Converter Says:

    Can I use my personal laptop computer to convert a VCR cassette to a Dvd?

  8. claire wilson Says:

    I have a Denon c.d player DCD 1500 mark2 for sale. I had a look on ebay and saw one exactly the same for £714.00 please could you quote me the price of its value. I would aslo like to know how to sell it and who to.


  9. rebecca christian Says:

    I have a JBL docking station that has broken but need to recycle it?

  10. charlotte Says:

    I have an old ALBA CD player that I want to recycle? How much can I get and how to sell it and who to? Thanks

  11. Dave Says:

    I have a pair of citronic cdjs that dont read cds i think it has lazer damage

  12. Becky Says:


    I have a 40 inch Samsung plasma with a power fault that we want to recycle, in perfect condition apart from this.

    Can you help?


  13. urecycle Says:

    This site offers cash for individual but high-value electronics

    Alternatively Ebay may be worth a go considering you know what the fault is.

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