Music Magpie Review

Music Magpie was the first website in the UK to offer cash to consumers for unwanted CDs, DVDs and console games. They are based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and owned by Entertainment Magpie Ltd.

Hundreds of thousands of people use Music Magpie on a regular basis to not only earn some extra money but also to clear out any unwanted stuff that is building up in their homes and do their bit for the environment.

Helping the Environment

Every year in the UK over 2500 tonnes of CDs are put in the bin only to end up at one of Britain’s already overflowing landfill sites. By recycling unwanted CDs, DVDs and Console Games not only can you get some extra money in your pocket but discs can be recycled and the plastic used to make many different items including coat hangers and car head lamps, pretty much 100% of a CD is recyclable.

Earning Extra Money

If all the CDs that were thrown in the bin every year were sold at Music Magpie they would be worth a huge £21 million. Making cash from your old CDs, DVDs and Games is easy this is how to start…

  1. Visit the Music Magpie site.
  2. Key in the number from the barcode off the item you want to sell in the search box in order to get a price and add the item to your basket. If you have a webcam you can set it up to scan in your barcode numbers or download the app and scan the numbers in via your iPhone. If theres a sticker over the barcode then you need to pull it off and key in / scan the original one.
  3. You can send in your items using their free courier service or using the freepost address that will be provided in your welcome pack. To help cut down on the amount of paper being used you can choose to have your welcome pack via email. Don’t forget to include the cases and original artwork as your items won’t be accepted without these.
  4. Once your CDs, DVDs and games have been received they will be checked and processed and your cheque will be sent to you within 2 working days. Alternatively you can now choose to have an M&S e-voucher emailed to you as soon as your items have been processed, this can be spent straight away on the M&S website. If you’re feeling charitable you can also donate your money to one of the many charities that they are currently supporting.

Accepted Items

MusicMagpie will buy any of the following items from you as long as they are in a good condition and work perfectly:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • DVD Box Sets
  • PlayStation 2 Games
  • Playstation 3 Games
  • Sony PSP Games
  • XBox Games
  • XBox 360 Games
  • Nintendo Wii Games
  • Nintendo DS Games

Start earning cash for your unwanted stuff at Music Magpie here

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