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MusicMagpie - Sell CDs, DVDs & Games for Cash

Music Magpie, the UK’s best site for selling old games, CDs and DVDs has recently launched a brand new cash for schools service.

The new service comes after a number of requests from schools wanting a quick and easy way to use the recycling service. It will allow both primary and secondary schools to sell their old and unwanted CDs and DVDS for cash payments which can be used for future projects and extra curricular activities.

Managing director for music Magpie, Steve Oliver said “Many schools are looking for ways to pay for activities such as school trips or even extra teaching equipment. By collecting old CDs and DVDs both students and parents can help the school with their fundraising.” Not only will the new service help earn cash for schools but also will encourage students to recycle their old items.

Music Magpie has paid out over £2.5 million to their customers since launching a couple of years ago, they hope to pay out a further £1 million in the next 12 months through their cash for schools service.

The website has also announced that they will also need to recruit a further 25 staff in order to meet the current demand for their services.

The trade in site buys old CDs, DVDs and Games from their customers to later sell them on. In their first year they made around £600,000 revenue this has shot up to £2.5 million for the year ending the end of May 2009. Turnover has been estimated to rise to between £5 million and £8 million next year. The site currently turns over 300,000 CDs, DVDs and games into cash for its users.

The company was founded in 2007 by former Music Zone managing director; Steve Oliver. When the site was founded they had only 4 staff and only dealt with CDs. They now employ 75 staff and expect to recruit a further 25 to deal with customer service, administration and work in the warehouse.

Music Magpie currently get around 4000 visitors per day from consumers looking to sell their old media to earn some extra money. The average customers receives between £28 and £35 per transaction for selling their old CDs, Games and DVDs.

It was announced in June 2009 that they had paid out £1 million to users since their launch and estimated that they would pay out £2 million by Christmas, but they managed to hit this target by September in just half the estimated time.

Music Magpie’s TV advert has sent many more visitors into their site and has increased their customer base and popularity as more people look to clear out their old CDs, DVDs and Games to earn some extra cash.

Head of Operations, Craig Dawson said, ‘Since launching we have had an amazing response, as each new service has been introduced we’ve had to bring in more staff to meet the demand.’

As well as taking on new staff, the website have also implemented a new night rota in order to further maximize productivity.

Recycle your old CDs, DVDs and Games for cash at Music Magpie today

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  1. Brian Lomas Says:

    Is there anything in writing I can post for my pupils in school to advertise this idea

    St Aelred’s Catholic Technology College
    WA12 9UW


  2. Sophie Le-Butt Says:

    How do we get our school set up to do this?



  3. Steve Says:

    To register your school or find out more information simply visit the Music Magpie site via the links above, then click on ‘schools’ at the top of the page.

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