Sell your old, broken and unwanted jewellery, coins or other scrap gold items for the highest cash payments

Scrap gold is the term used to describe the process of recycling old or unwanted jewellery, coins or other gold items that are no longer wanted. As the price of gold is currently booming and the current global economy getting worse, scrap gold has become a massive industry and many online refineries are able to offer the highest prices when you sell them your old gold and silver jewellery.

GoldHub is one of the Internet's leading buyers offering a free and easy service for anyone looking to get cash for gold or silver. They offer to match any other online quote for your unwanted gold meaning that you can get the best price possible!

Selling at GoldHub is literally as easy as 1,2, 3 and guarantees that you can sell your unwanted jewellery successfully online. They will curretly buy any type of gold including scrap gold, Asian gold, rings, earrings or any other jewellery. You can even sell dental gold here. As well as gold they will accept silver jewellery or tablewear, platinum jewellery and any types of coins or medals as long as they are made from precious metals.

To get started visit their website where you can enter the number of grams of gold you have to sell and the amount of carats. Using their calculator you can get a online quote on how much your gold is roughly valued at. If you are happy with the quick quote then simply request a pack which will be sent to you straight away. The pack is fully insured by Royal Mail up to the value of £500. Once they receive your pack it will be fully valued and your cash will be sent the same day via the faster payment service direct to your bank. Alternatively you can request a cheque.


Compare Top 4 Gold Buyers

Gold Buying Site Payment Type Speed of Payment Insurance Covers Our Rating Sell Gold Bank Faster Payment or Cheque Within 24 Hours Up to £500 5/5 Request Free Pack
Gold To Cash Direct Cheque Unknown Up to £2500 3/5 Request Free Pack
Cash4Gold Cheque Within 24 Hours Up to £500 3/5 Request Free Pack
The British Gold Refinery Cheque, BACS or Cash Within 24 Hours Up to £2500 3/5 Request Free Pack


What Items Can I Sell?

Items that you can sell to online gold refineries include gold, silver, platinum or other precious materials. This could include bracelets, necklaces, rings, cuff links, charms, earrings, watches or other items of jewellery. Other things such as coins, collectibles, silver flatware, decorative pieces are also widely accepted. They will even accept gold teeth, basically as long as its made of precious metals it can be refined so send it in to earn extra cash.

Why Should I Sell To an Online Buyer and Not a Pawn Shop?

Pawn and jewellery shops are just the middlemen, after buying the items off you they will be sold on to a refinery at a higher price than they have paid to you. By selling your items directly to the refinery you cut out the middlemen which means you could earn as much as twice the price.

How Much Can I Expect for Selling My Gold?

The price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis and is affected by the market in your local area. Once your gold is received it will be analysed by professional appraisers who will both test and weigh the items to determine a value based on the trading price for that day. A cheque will then be sent out for this amount.

How Does it Work?

  1. Visit the various gold buyers from the table above
  2. Request a free pack by filling in your name and address using the form on the website you decide to use
  3. Gather together all the gold, silver, platinum, coins and jewellery that you want to sell. Fill in all the required details on the form that you receive in the gold selling pack. This should include details of the items, quantities, your details and signature.
  4. Place all your items and the form into the bag that you are sent and seal it up. Place the clear padded bag into the Royal Mail Special delivery envelope and take it to the Post Office. In most cases the envelope will be 100% free to send and as its Special Delivery your items will be insured for up to £500.
  5. If your old items are worth more than £500 simply tick the box on the form and the additional cost of insurance will be refunded when they buy the gold, jewellery off you. Some online gold buyers request that you contact them first or use multiple packs if your items are worth over £500. Full details can be found on each website.
  6. Once your goods are received you will be contacted within 24 hours with an offer. If you are happy with the offer your payment will be sent via either cheque, bank transfer or even cash within 24 – 48 hours.

Gold and the Environment

A recent study has shown there is only 142 million ounces of gold remaining on our planet. Every year over 2500 Kg of Gold is mined mainly in Australia, South Africa and the USA.
Many of the processes used to mine gold are causing many problems to the environment. These environmental problems include how the waste materials are disposed of during the mining process. There are regulations in place to ensure that companies restore the areas that they have mined back to its original state, however as many mining companies are operating in remote areas of the world it is very hard for this to be policed.

The worst environmental fear when mining gold is caused by the scientific process of hydrogen cyanide being used to dissolve the gold alloy from the core. Hydrogen cyanide is one of many toxic chemicals used by mining companies which can potentially be exposed to surrounding soil and water to cause an environmental disaster. Disasters like this have already been recorded in the past including an incident in Romania where thousands of cubic meters of cyanide waste material from a gold mine were blown into a river during a thunderstorm, the result of this caused almost all fish in the river to die and 2 million homes had their water cut off.