Posted October 25th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

With the price of gold currently at an all time high and Christmas just around the corner, there really isn’t a better time than to dig through your drawers and see what old gold and jewellery you can find to get some much needed cash from gold recycling sites.

As of November 2012 the price of gold in the UK has risen 27% since the start of the year and is a massive 50% higher than this time last year. Gold experts think that by 2013 the price will start to drop so it’s best to sell what you can before your items aren’t worth quite so much.

There are many gold recycling sites in the UK that will buy any unwanted jewellery from you at prices that may be a big surprise. Even small amounts of gold can get you hundreds of pounds from these sites at the moment. These websites can offer you much more than on the high street due to them ‘cutting out the middleman.’ Any gold or old jewellery that you sell to them is sent straight to the refinery to be melted down to make new items.

To help you decide which gold selling site to use we have reviewed five of the highest paying ones below. All of these websites will send you a free gold selling pack for you to send in your unwanted goods via insured delivery, once your items have been received they will send you cash via cheque, bank transfer or even cash within 24 – 48 hours on average.

Post Gold for Cash

PostGoldforCash is one of the most popular gold selling websites and recently offered best prices on the BBC’s One Show survey.  They are also partnered with WHSmith. A leading independent mystery shopping company also found that Post Gold for Cash paid up to 50% more than 6 other gold recycling sites for an identical piece of 9ct gold jewellery.

What Types of Gold / Jewellery Can I Sell?

Pretty much anything including rings, bracelets, chains, brooches, necklaces, pendants, earrings, coins, cuff-links, tableware, ornaments, even gold teeth or other dental gold can be sold. As long as the item you want to sell is made of gold or another precious metal it can be sold on this site. They will also buy substantial diamonds or other precious gemstones.

What If My Item is Scratched / Broken

It doesn’t matter if the item you want to sell is broken, scratched, the gem stone is missing, tangled or missing a hallmark it can still be sold for cash.


You can read testimonials from hundreds of happy customers here.

Free insured postage: Yes up to £500 – contact for more.

Free gold selling pack: Yes

Payment: Sent via cheque, bank transfer or cash within 48 hours

Request your free gold selling pack at Post gold for cash here


Ramsdens: Get Gold Get Cash

Ramsdens GetGoldGetCash is a trusted gold selling website who also have 118 high street branches all across the UK. They have been trading for over 50 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. You may have seen them advertised on TV recently.

Unlike other gold selling sites GetGoldGetCash features a gold calculator where you can enter the weight of the items you want to sell and Carat to get an instant quote.

What Types of Gold / Jewellery Can I Sell?

Any types of jewellery including odd earrings, broken necklaces, bent bangles, snapped bracelets, broken rings, chains and lots more. They also will buy gold ingots, gold watches, £2.00 gold coins, £5 gold coins, un-hallmarked gold and lockets.

What if my Item is Scratched / Broken

It doesn’t matter your old gold items are damaged in any way they can still be sold.

Free insured postage: Yes up to £500.

Free GoldPak: Yes

Payment: Sent via cheque or bank transfer once your goods have been received and processed.

Request your free GoldPak at GetGoldGetCash here

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