Posted February 10th, 2012 by Stephen Roper

According to the latest figures that have just been released by one of the UK’s biggest recycling sites, a record amount of mobile handsets were recycled in January this year.

It’s thought that as many as £2.63 million worth of unwanted mobile handsets were sent in to be recycled last month and a lot of the money that people earned was used to pay off Christmas debts. In total £2.63 million mobiles is an increase of 30% on the amount sent in for recycling in January last year.

After an expensive Christmas it seemed that many consumers took the opportunity to dig out and recycle their old phones in order to get some quick cash to pay off their credit card and other bills that have accumulated over the festive season.

According to one mobile recycling site the most popular handset to be recycled last month was the Apple iPhone 3GS which got people an average of £104 each. Other handsets that were also recycled the most included the iPhone 4, Blackberry’s and various HTC smartphones. As smartphones are becoming more popular the amount of them being recycled is increasing gradually, it’s expected that this figure will keep rising as better technology gets better.

Forty percent of the most recycled handsets included Blackberry’s which included the Curve 8520, Bold 9700, Torch 9800 and Curve 8900. It’s not surprising that so many different Blackberry models are being recycled as the manufacturer makes up 28% of all UK smartphone sales, however such a large number being sent in for recycling does outweigh their sales figures.

If your thinking about recycling your unwanted mobile phone for cash the following are the top 5 most recycled handsets for January 2012 and the recyclers that pay the highest cash prices for them:

  1. Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB – Highest Price £106 at Fonehub
  2. Apple iPhone 4 16GB – Highest Price £241 at Fonebank
  3. Blackberry Curve 8520 – Highest Price £52.10 at Fonehub
  4. Blackberry Bold 9700 – Highest Price £93 at Money For Your Phone
  5. HTC Desire – Highest Price £72 at O2 Recycle

Prices correct as of February 2012

If you are selling one of the mobiles above or any other model make sure you shop around to find the highest prices before letting it go. By not shopping around you could get as little as £50 on one recycler but for the same model as you could get as much as £200 on another site, to help you out you can compare the prices of all mobile recyclers at sellmymobile.

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