Posted January 10th, 2012 by Stephen Roper

Do you have an old mobile phone knocking about the house that you want to recycle and are a resident of the Republic of Ireland? If your answers are yes why not check out the prices at the following UK mobile recyclers.

The two mobile recyclers listed below allow Irish consumers to get the most money for their old mobile phones and do a little more towards helping the environment in a positive way:

Get up to €246 at Money4urMobile Ireland

Money4urMobile is part of Redeem PLC who are one of the market’s leading mobile recyclers with more than 10 years experience in the industry. They offer cash payments of up to €246 per old mobile handset you send in via either cheque or bank transfer. All payments are processed once your old items have been received and sent out the next working day.

Money4urMobile IE will also pay cash for your unwanted Apple iPods, iPhones and other Apple devices.

Once the company receives your old handsets they will refurbish them and then sell them on in developing countries where mobile phones are the main form of communication. Any mobile phones that are beyond repair will have the precious materials removed and then the remaining materials will be melted down to help recover energy.

Recycle your old mobile phone for cash at Money4urMobile Ireland here

Get up to €474 at Envirofone Ireland

Envirofone is one of the largest mobile recycling companies who have operated in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland since 2006. Envirofone is by far one of the most popular online recyclers and you may have seen one of their recent advertising campaigns online, in the newspaper or on TV.

Since launching 5 years ago they have paid out millions of Euros to over 2 million Irish customers and recycled or re-used hundreds of thousands of mobile handsets for their customers.

They will pay up to €474 per mobile phone you send in and payment is sent via Cheque, Paypal or gift card within a couple of days of them receiving your old stuff. They offer freepost delivery for your unwanted items and will even buy damaged handsets. If you choose to accept gift vouchers then you will get a higher value than the standard cash price. They are currently offering Argos e-cards which can be used in Argos or Homebase stores.

Recycle your old mobile phone for cash at Envirofone Ireland here

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