Posted October 10th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

Pen and stationary manufacturer, BIC has recently announced that they will be the first UK company to launch a recycling scheme for pens, markers and highlighters.

Every year over 10 million non-biodegradable pens end up at landfill sites around the world. Old pens contain nylon, polyester, polypropylene, steel and many chemicals all of which can be harmful to the environment.

In order to help the environment BIC have partnered with up-cycling company TerraCycle in order to recycle various stationary items into goods like Watering Cans, Pen Pots or even Waste Bins.

Its hoped that schools and offices from around the UK will collect their unwanted, broken and used stationary to send into the new recycling program. To encourage people to recycle BIC and TerraCycle are offering a points scheme for every item that is recycled. For every 2 points that a school or business collects BIC will give them the option to donate 2p to a school or charity of their choice.

Yolande de Trogoff, the UK Marketing Manager at BIC said “We’re delighted to partner with TerraCycle in the UK on this brand new recycling scheme. Writing and drawing is such an important part of kids’ creative development as well as educating them on sorting out waste, which makes partnering on a school and business initiative something that is crucial to us.”

Both the stationary supplier, BIC and TerraCycle both hope that the new scheme will also help to teach kids and their parents about how important it is recycle and up-cycle pens and stationary.

Tips for Re-using and Recycling Your Old Pens and Pencils

  1. Purchase re-fills where possible
  2. Any old pens where you think the ink has dried up can be used again by either running the tip through the flame on a lighter or by putting a drop of hot water into the tube. You could also try giving the pen a good shake, this always seems to work for me!
  3. If the ink has completely run out you could use the case to protect a thermometer, for holding up small plants, to stir drinks, to make your own Christmas tree ornaments, used in your hair to hold in a bun, put in a bird cage as a small perch or give them to the kids to make doll houses or other toy structures.
  4. Buy biodegradable pens.
  5. Donate any unwanted pens to schools, libraries or charities.
  6. Donate pens to BIC or any other similar schemes.


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