Posted December 20th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

The snow outside most people’s homes this week means Winter and the freezing cold weather has finally come and is here to stay for a while. With the cold weather comes a massive hike in all our energy prices while we struggle to keep warm.

Rather than paying out a load of cash why not use the following tips to help you keep warm, do your bit for helping the environment and above all keep a little bit more money in your pocket over the Winter months.

Turn Off Electrical Items

When your TV or any other electrical item is not in use switch it off completely at the wall or switch, do not leave them on standby.

Also remember to switch off your lights when you leave the room.

Only Charge Electrical Devices When You Have To

Only charge your mobile phone, laptop or tablet computer when the battery is under 10%, do not keep it plugged in all the time. Not only will doing this save energy but it will also help to conserve the battery life on your device.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

By now you should be using energy saving light Bulbs in all the rooms in your house. Even though they may be a little bit more expensive to buy than standard bulbs they last 10 times longer and so will save you as much as £55 over the lifetime of the bulb.

Use Solar Lighting in the Garden

Buy solar powered lights to light up your garden rather than plugging them into the mains.

Use a Full Load

Always fill up the washing machine and dishwasher before switching it on. One full load uses less energy than 2 half loads so it’s always worth filling it up.

Shut Your Windows and Curtains

Always keep your windows shut especially if you have the heating on or are cooking in the kitchen, this will stop heat from escaping.

Also it’s a good idea to shut your curtains when it goes dark to stop any heat from getting out.

Turn Your Thermostat Down By One Degree

By turning your thermostat down by just one degree it could save you up to as much as 10% off your energy bills every year.

Turn Off The Tap

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or doing the washing up. A running tap uses 6 litres of water every minute so if you have a water meter you could save loads on your bill just by switching it off.

Check for Dripping Taps

Always check for dripping taps or pipes in your home. A dripping tap can waste up to as much as 5000 litres of water a year and can massively increase your water bill. If you find a dripping pipe then replace the washers immediately, a few pound on a new washer could make you a huge saving over the year.

Don’t Boil Water You Won’t Use

Rather than boiling a whole kettle full then not using it, why not just boil what you are going to use. By doing this you could save £7 per year off your electric bill, if everyone in the UK did this then it would power all the street lights in the country for one month.

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