Posted May 29th, 2010 by Stephen Roper

If you have any old or broken jewellery, coins, watches or other items made from gold or other precious metals now is a great time to get rid of them online in return for a large cash payment.

The price of gold rose substantially last year and at the moment is currently at £24/gram for 24 carat and £9/gram for 9 carat. As many people looks for ways to earn extra income now is a good time to dig out your old gold and other items and sell them for cash.

One great site that offers top prices for gold and jewellery is Money4Gold UK. By selling your old items direct to an online gold refinery and not to a pawn shop or jeweller you are basically cutting out the middleman so more often that not you will get a higher price. Money 4 Gold is a great site as they also offer a ‘Double G Guarantee’ where they guarantee to pay double than other nationally advertised competitors, so if you find a higher payment for the same piece of gold or jewellery they will pay double.

You could even host a gold party which are really starting to take off in the UK. To have a gold party you need to get a group of friends or colleagues to bring their old gold and jewellery, you pay them a price and then sell the old items online. Some money for gold sites will even sign you up as an agent so you can easily pay out the money.

Not only can you earn cash for selling gold but you will also be helping the planet by helping to stop so much gold ore from being mined in the future.

Request your free G-Pak (Gold Pack) and get cash for your old jewellery here.

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