Recycling and Earning Cash for Clothes

By sending your old clothes to be recycled not only are you stopping them from ending up at landfill but you are also helping to save the world’s resources which are being used faster than they are being produced. You can also help to reduce the amount of water, energy and chemicals that are used when clothes are made. – Clothes for Cash are one of the most popular online textile recyclers covering the whole of the UK. They offer the highest rate of 60p / kg and up to £18 / sack. (30 kg) To get started all you need to do is request a free collection pack by filling out the form on their site, at this time you will also need to specify your payment method. As long as you can fill the sack at least half way it will be collected free of charge and your money sent within 24 hours. – Return to Earn operates nationwide and offers 60p / kg for your old and unused clothing, they are a trusted company with over 15 years experience. To get going simply request your pack by filling in their online form and they will send you a sack through the post. Once received fill it with at least 10 kg and a courier will be sent to pick it up. Once your old items have been received, sorted and reviewed you can choose to get your money via either cheque, Paypal or M&S e-voucher. You can alternatively choose to donate your money to St Mungos, a charity supporting homeless people.

Music Magpie – Music Magpie is the only website in the UK where you can sell old games, CDs, electronics and now clothes all in the same place. The site is available nationwide and all your old stuff can be sent in using the same box. It’s mainly branded clothes that they will currently buy but there’s a huge list so definitely worth checking out. To start selling on the site simply select the brand and garment type from the drop down box, add any other items you want to sell at the same time, send them in using their free courier or Freepost address and your money will be paid by cheque, BACS or M&S e-vouchers within a couple of days. – Clothes Bank has shops scattered around the UK with the majority being in the Midlands and Northern England. They will buy your old clothes, shoes and other items and pay cash on the spot. If you live in one of their collection areas and have at least a 10 kg bag to sell then they will collect for it for £4 or 40p / kg. – This site covers London and Essex only and you must have at least 2 bags to sell. Simply call, text or email them and a driver will be sent to collect your stuff. Your bags will be weighed upon collection and your money will be paid at 60p/ kg there and then.

If you only have a single or couple of items you could always hand them in at your local M&S at one of their Shwop Drops, any handed in will be donated to charity Oxfam.

Alternatively, you could also consider selling your stuff on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or at your local car boot sale.

Clothes Recycling

Every year in the UK over 2.15 million tonnes of new clothes are purchased and over 1.2 million tonnes are discarded, even though many of these items could be worn again. Of the 1.2 million tonnes that are thrown away only around 25% is currently being recycled. A staggering 75% of these millions of tonnes of unwanted clothes are ending up at a landfill, this works out at roughly 10,000 items every 5 minutes. However, 99% of cotton, denim, corduroy, wool and linen clothes that are thrown away could actually be recycled.

Once at landfill textiles cause major issues to the environment. Items that are Synthetic (man-made) do not decompose at all, items made of wool do decompose but in the process produce methane gas which in turn contributes to global warming and climate change.

  • Every year the average person buys £600 of new clothes and throws away £400 worth
  • 93% of us have numerous items in our wardrobes that we never wear
  • 1.2 million tonnes thrown away, only 25% being correctly recycled
  • In 1 year the amount of clothes discarded would fill Wembley Stadium
  • Unwanted clothes and textiles make up as much as 15% of landfill sites
  • Landfill space will run out in less than 8 years if the amount of items being thrown in the bin is not reduced
  • 99% of textile waste is 100% recyclable
  • The production of clothes is a major drain on the earth’s natural resources
  • The UK textile industry is responsible for more than 3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions

Of all the textiles that do get sent to be recycled 35% are reused, 33% goes on to be used in vehicle seats/upholstery and 25% as cloth wipes.

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