Posted May 17th, 2010 by Stephen Roper

Boots the popular high street chemist has recently expand their recycling site to allow users to recycle not only mobile phones but also digital cameras, SAT NAVs, printer ink cartridges, iPods and MP3 players.

Boots Recycle does not pay in cash but instead pays in Advantage Points which are added to your Boots card and can be used to buy any items in Boot’s shops.

To start recycling your old devices simply visit the Boots Recycle site and type in the model of the device you want to sell. Like any other recycling site Boots will send you a pre-paid envelope in which to return your items in. Alternatively an envelope can be picked up from any Boot’s store. Once received they will be checked over and the Advantage card points will be added to your card within 30 days. Once the points are on your Advantage card they can be picked up at any larger boots store from the pink kiosks.

Not only can you get some extra points for your Boots card for recycling here but also for every electronic device that is sent in £1 will be donated to charity.

According to a recent poll carried out by one of the UK’s biggest mobile recycling sites, Envirofone it has been found that the average household contains £110 worth of unwanted electrical gadgets including mobile phones, MP3 players, CD and DVD players, laptops, games consoles and digital cameras.

In light of the current economic climate if people were to sell their unwanted gadgets at recycling sites, on the high street, on auction sites and even at car boot sales they could quickly and easily earn some extra cash for themselves.

A lot of the old equipment in people’s homes will comprise of unwanted Christmas presents, Birthday presents or items that have since been upgraded to a better model. Online recycler Envirofone says that over a million tonnes of unwanted electrical items were put in the bin last year alone.

With all the recycling facilities, websites and government regulations in the UK its surprising that a third of all electrical items in people’s homes are still expected to end up at landfill. Electrical items contain both valuable and hazardous materials which should never end up at landfill. At landfill the hazardous materials that electrical gadgets contain can cause major damage to the environment.

Have you got old electrical items to sell? Recycle your old mp3 playersiPodsmobile phonesdigital cameras or games consoles for cash here.

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