You may have to get rid of your old and completed books if you are moving house or just need some extra space. Unlike other paper products including magazines and newspapers, books cannot be put in your normal household recycling bin due to the glue that binds them together not being recyclable. Fortunately there are various places that will take your old books off you in return for cash, a donation to charity or you can swap them for others that you’d like to read. Some of the most popular websites offering these book recycling services are listed below.

Earn Cash or Donate to Charity Your Unwanted Books

Ziffit – If your looking for a quick and easy way to sell your unwanted hardbacks, paperbacks  or text books then Ziffit is a great site to use. Since the site launched they have had bought over a million books, CDs, DVD sand Games. To get started simply enter the barcode number from the book you’re looking to sell and on the following page you will get an instant quote. To complete the trade you must either sell a minimum of 10 books or £5’s worth. If your package weighs less than 10kg then you can drop it off free of charge at any Collect+ shop. If it’s over 10kg then a courier will be sent to pick up your items. Once they have been received your payment will be sent directly to your bank account, to your Paypal account, via cheque or if you choose you can donate your money to charity in association with JustGiving. Plus if you use our exclusive link you will get an extra 10% cash bonus if you trade within the next 24 hours.

Fat Brain will buy either brand new or used books that are in a good condition. Their definition of good is no torn or missing pages, be clean and have the front cover on. They offer cash for over 1 million titles including text books, paperbacks, best sellers, cook books, nature books, study guides and lots more. To sell on the site you can search by the ISBN, (found above the bar code  title, author or keywords. Once you have found the title you want to sell click on the ‘we’ll buy it’ link, get an instant price and follow the checkout process. When they have received your shipment your money will be sent via either Paypal within 5 days or cheque within 8 days. As well as selling books at Fat Brain you can also buy from their large selection at competitive prices.

Green Metropolis is a great site that allows you to list any old books you have for sale that are in a good or acceptable condition. Here you must wait until someone actually buys the book before you will get any money. For each title that sells you will get a set rate of £3 which is credited to your account once the buyer receives the item. Alternatively you can pick a charity and donate 50p – £1 for each item you sell, this will leave you with £2 which will still be enough to cover the postage. At any time you can login to your account and make a withdrawal of your funds which will be sent via BACS within 5 – 10 days.

Amazon is the world’s biggest book-store and as such is a great place to buy any hardbacks, paperbacks or digital books at highly competitive prices. Not only can you buy at Amazon but you can sell your goods either through their marketplace or trade in service. If you decide to use their trade in service you will be paid with an Amazon gift card.

Swapping Books

Read it Swap it is a swapping forum where you quickly register and then swap your unwanted books with other users. Anything is accepted as long as as you can find someone to swap with.

Book Mooch is an international site where you can give books away in order to get some that you want. It works on a points system where you get points for sending other users your old books. You can then use these points to buy used books off other users on the site.

Donating Books to Charity

You could always take your unwanted hardbacks and paperbacks into your local high street charity shop who will happily take as many as you have. High street charity shops such as Oxfam and Save the Children have recycling bins set up where you can put your unwanted books straight in. Charity shops will accept your old items in pretty much any condition. Ziffit also have an option to donate your money directly to Charity in association with JustGiving.

Other Options

If you want a little money for selling your books and you’re not interested in the online options then you could try a local car boot sale, this would probably only be worth it if you had a lot to sell. Second hand shops will also buy from you but don’t expect to be paid very much.

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