Posted December 8th, 2009 by Stephen Roper

Christmas is the time to eat, drink and be merry but what happens to all the extra waste that is created over the festive season? It’s estimated that with all the presents that are given and received and the extra food and drink people consume an additional 15% of waste is created around Christmas time.

Whilst having a good time this Christmas, spare a thought for the environment by either recycling, reusing or reducing unwanted waste and goods, to help we’ve come up with some ‘green’ ideas:

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can be hard to put in recycle bins as it is made up of sticky tape, plastic and foil which cannot be recycled. Why not get the kids to create their own wrapping paper out of newspaper or magazines to save a little paper. Alternately you could re-use last years wrapping paper or buy recycled paper to help the environment.

Christmas Cards

At the start of this year over 59 million Christmas cards were recycled, diverting over 1000 tonnes of rubbish from ending up at landfill.

Your old Christmas cards can be dropped off at WH Smith, M&S or TK Maxx stores in January where they will be sent for recycling via the Woodland Trust who will plant thousands more trees. If you can’t get to any of those stores make sure your old cards go in your own paper recycling bin.

Christmas Trees

Don’t dump your Christmas tree in the near year simply take it too your local household waste recycling centre and it will be composted along with other garden waste.

Food Waste

It’s estimated that the average family throws away over £420 of food every year; at landfill rotting food produces greenhouse gases that damage the environment.

Everyone eats more at Christmas time so remember to freeze left over party food or reuse what you can to help lessen waste.

Electrical Items

Many people will get a new mobile phone, iPod, digital camera, games console or other electrical item under the tree this year. Many electrical items can be taken down to your local household recycling centre to be disposed of correctly. If you want to earn some extra money for your old goods whilst helping the environment then you can find out more about recycling mobile phones, selling old iPods, or games consoles here.

Games, CDs and DVDs

Many people will find the latest console game, CD or DVD in their Christmas stocking but don’t throw the old one in the bin. Music Magpie will turn old CDs, DVDs and games into cash and have already paid out millions of pounds to their customers.


Many girlfriends and wives may be lucky and get some gorgeous new jewellery off their loved ones this Christmas. Rather than taking your old bracelet, ring or other item down to the local pawn shop why not check out one of the online money for gold sites to get some extra cash in time for the January sales.

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