Posted November 11th, 2011 by Stephen Roper

According to new figures that were published last Thursday the household recycling rate in England has gone over 40% for the first time ever.

Between April 2010 and March 2011 the average national household recycling rate was 41.2% which is up 1.5% compared to the same period last year.

The two English councils that came top of the recycling tables with record breaking rates were Rochford and South Oxfordshire which averaged 65.79% and 65.11%. Ashford council in Kent came bottom of the league table with a recycling rate of just 14%. In the league table 230 councils in England improved, 40 stayed the same and 87 got worse.

Rochford council in Essex who have topped the table on the latest figures this year have 3 bins for each of their households. A spokesman for the council said they believe the key is to keep it simple and not confuse people with many different bins. Last year Rochford council was third in the league table with 61% of waste being recycled.

Lord Taylor the Minister for Waste and Recycling said “Recycling is now part of everyone’s life and much less household waste is ending up at landfill. This is great news for local councils, householders and the environment but there is still lots more that can be done. By all working together to dispose of waste correctly we can achieve a zero waste society in the future.”

In order to hit the targets set by the European Union the UK must recycle 50% of household waste by the year 2020. A number of new measures have recently been introduced in order to reduce waste that include cutting down on bin collection from weekly to fortnightly and fining people who don’t recycle correctly in the right bins.

Campaigners and waste management companies have also recently told government officials not to bring back weekly bin collections as its likely to reduce the current recycling rates. However campaigners say that it is a basic right for homes in the UK to have their rubbish taken away on a weekly basis.

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